Melodie A Adinolfi LMT & Associates
Massage Therapy & Detox Center


When Kellie was 15 she was in a near fatal car accident that resulted in many injuries including a fractured skull and lower back. Bouncing from doctor to doctor over the years to seek answers and help manage the injuries sustained from the car accident with minimal solutions lead Kellie to take  a home study course on Naturology. One of the requirements was to read a book by Edgar Cayce, also known as the sleeping prophet. Edgar Cayce was a huge proponent for massage therapy to treat many health issues. Something in Kellie clicked and lead her to The Somerset School of Massage Therapy in New Brunswick, NJ. In 1994 Kellie began her journey as a massage therapist with the goal to help encourage others to be proactive in their journey to longevity and health. 

Not only is Kellie a Pennsylvania licensed massage therapist but she also maintains multiple certifications in yoga, nutrition, personal training, Crossfit, as well as a bachelors degree in Exercise Science from California University of PA. 

As a result of Kellie’s lifetime of knowledge in the health, wellness, and fitness industry she has been able to recover from and heal many of the injuries she sustained from the car accident. Kellie is very passionate about helping to empower others to seek holistic safe healthy alternative treatments that will complement traditional treatments. Kellie believes that health is not a one size fits all solution. Her goal is to empower others to seek answers, ask questions, and be proactive about their longevity and health. Life is to short to not feel good. 

In Kellie’s spare time she enjoys lifting weights, hiking with her son, exploring Pittsburgh with her daughter, snuggling her dogs, attending Dave Matthews Band concerts all over the country, and exploring the Charlottesville, VA area with her partner of 11 years.