Melodie A Adinolfi LMT & Associates
Massage Therapy & Detox Center


Our protocol is based on the elements of earth, wind and fire designed to bring balance , synergy, and better health to the body and consists of 3 services listed below. The protocol takes 60 minutes. Your cells will be magnetized, oxygenated and stimulated which lowers inflammation, increases immune and brain function and makes you feel energized and not fatigued!  $135.00 TOTAL




PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and is used to increase cellular health by using electrons to charge each cell like a battery. It also causes your red blood cells to separate instead of being clumped together. This allows your red blood cells, spinal fluid and plasma to reach the optimal position for each cell to be oxygenated and carry the oxygen all through the body, including crossing the blood-brain barrier.

PEMF has FDA approval for non-healing bone fractures, non-responsive depression, and arthritis pain because it decreases acute, chronic and low grade inflammation, increases the immune system function  60% stronger, corrects PH acidity and increases anti-oxidant behavior.

LIVE O2 ADAPTIVE CONTRAST is the second piece of the protocol. User will exercise while varying between a comfortable steady pace and sprinting. During the exercise, the user will wear a mask that will allow them to breathe in a 95% oxygen concentration. They will systematically switch from a low (14%) oxygen concentration which is the equivalent to exercising at an altitude of 10,500 feet above sea level. This process allows the users body to crave oxygen and when switched to the 95% oxygen concentration, will become super-saturated with oxygen. Oxygen heals the body. Oxygen can reach the most distant parts of the body, including the brain to eliminate brain fog, depression, concussion,Traumatic Brain Injuries, and other brain related issues like dementia.

RED LIGHT THERAPY is referred to as PBM which is PhotoBioModulation. Once the body is saturated with oxygen, it is ready for this therapy to clear our the free radicals that have invaded each cell. A the same time, our Mitochondria which is the powerhouse of each cell in the human body is restored and revitalized. Now it is time for the production of ATP (youthful energy source).

As we age, our cells become lazy and unhealthy. Our ATP production decreases dramatically due to age.The result is less energy and an increase in health related issues. The lower the ATP production, the older and closer to death we feel and look. However, once we are fully restored using this protocol, our cells become what nature originally intended. ATP production cells will eventually become supercharged like being on steroids and your youthfulness comes back to you.

The best side effect of this therapy is the bodies ability to create a more solid structure, utilized by the increase of collagen production. That lifts and firms your skin to a more youthful structure and radiance. No botox, no fillers! Now you are on your way to looking and feeling like you did when you were in your prime.

Each session is 20 minutes